9 Invoice Generators For Your Small Business

Invoices are not only a source of payment, but they are a source of organization for you to keep track of your financials. As a new freelancer or small business owner, your money may be too tied up in other ventures to spend a large amount of cash for invoice generator software, but don’t worry, we got you covered!

48 Hours Logo: A Review

48 Hours Logo offers logo design and brand identity contests which allow clients to choose a winning design. Crowdsourced design competitions offer clients access to material from many designers at a competitive cost. The company is geared towards small to medium sized businesses and does its best to offer the logo design and branding services on an affordable and budget-friendly basis.

18 Iconic Tee Shirts To Inspire You

T shirts are a popular way to express pop culture preferences, show your affinities, and comfortably enjoy unique art. Plus, they offer some valuable lessons in branding and impactful design. Take a tour through history’s most distinctive T shirt artwork and you’ll see a wide variety of provocative imagery, fandom affirmations, and cultural savvy. Read our blog to discover our picks for some of the world’s most iconic T shirt designs.

15 Iconic Rock Band Logos To Inspire You

Few other designs perfectly capture the themes, influences, and values of a brand quite like band logo designs! Read through our list to explore the typographic and iconographic secrets of some of the planet’s most thrilling rock band logos.

10 Free Apps to Convert PDF’s On Smartphones & Tablets

Handling PDFs can be, simply put, a pain. Working with PDFs is difficult and when you’re attempting to edit files or save them it can feel like a constant uphill battle for most. Working with PDFs is a struggle no matter what and when you’re trying to convert PDFs or save them on your mobile […]

7 Easy Steps On How To Write A Business Letter

Whether you’re working in an office environment, working as a literary agent, or a university student, you’ll most likely need to know how to write a business letter. If you’ve struggled with writing a business letter in the past, or if you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

8 Beginner Friendly Youtube Channels For Learning Photography.

There are thousands of videos from acclaimed and accomplished photographers detailing the techniques and tips to create the fantastic images you see in publications and Instagram. Even if you are entirely new to photography, the following channels can assist you in learning and mastering the skill.

10 Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings

We see famous logos in our lives daily, but many of them have hidden meanings that you may not be familiar with. Some of these hidden meanings are obvious, but others are more subtle that you may not have heard of before. In this article, we take a look at ten of the world’s most famous logos and the hidden meanings behind them!

7 Tips On How To Land More Design Jobs (For Freelancers)

The process of finding and being selected for freelance graphic design jobs can be unnerving for designers, regardless of skillset. You’ll be happy to know, though, that it doesn’t have to be much of a difficult process at all. First, if you want this to be as pain free as possible, there are some crucial […]