What About ZillionDesigns?

ZillionDesigns is a company that proudly boasts its design skills and its graphic designer base of over 100,000 graphic designers from around the world. In this review, you’ll get all the details on ZillionDesigns, their pricing, and what they have to offer.

What It Is

ZillionDesigns is a crowdsourcing platform that allows clients to start design contests and then has freelancer graphic designers compete for the prize amount. They offer a vast area of design, offering logo design, web design, and more. The platform offers material beyond graphic design as well.

What They Offer

ZillionDesigns offers premium graphic design services, working to bring together businesses looking for cost-effective pricing and freelancers from around the globe looking for work. For the business looking for design material, the process is easy; you’ll start by choosing the design package that you want.

Next, you’ll choose the prize amount for the contest that you’re going to run. It’s important to note that ZillionDesigns takes a percentage of the prize amount as a processing fee. Then you’ll be asked to fill out a contest brief describing what you’re looking for. Once you’ve done this, ZillionDesigns will have their designers submit entries that you can rate.

After you’ve looked through all the entries and given feedback, you get to choose a winning entry. ZillionDesigns will give you a specific amount of time that you have to award a winner within. You’ll have all rights to the design once you’ve paid for it and awarded a winning design.


ZillionDesigns offers clients the option to pick their own contest prize amount with a minimum of $150. The higher the prize amount, the more designers will participate in the contest, and ultimately the more designs will be submitted. If you just need a few designs and just want to get a feel for the process, you can start with one of their preset packages.

All of these include unlimited designs and a money-back guarantee if you receive less than 30 concepts.

Dynamic Duo: This package starts at $274 and includes logo + stationery design.

Wonderful Web Trio: This package starts at $974 and includes logo + stationary + complete web design solution.

Perfect Print Trio: This package starts at $473 and includes logo + stationary + brochure.

Creative Quartet: This package starts at $1173 and includes logo + stationary + complete web design solution + brochure.


  • Clean and easy to navigate website
  • Contests typically receive between 30 – 80 designs
  • Over 100,000 graphic designers
  • The option to choose your own prize amount
  • You receive a variety of designs to choose from
  • You have the option to invite specific graphic designers to submit entries to contests


  • The minimum prize amount is $150. For one design, there are websites that charge less
  • ZillionDesigns charges a 20% processing fee
  • ZillionDesigns makes fees and upgrades nonrefundable

How It Works For The Freelancer

To register as a graphic designer on ZillionDesigns, you can simply go to Account Details on your dashboard. All the information there must be filled in and ZillionDesigns requests that you send a photocopy of your ID. You don’t have to pay any registration fees to join the website.

Once you’ve officially registered as a graphic designer on the site, you’ll see different contests listed on the website. You’ll read the contest brief seeing what the client requested and create designs for specific contests. You’ll be competing against other logo designers on the website for the prize amount.

As soon as you finish your design, you’ll want to submit it to the contest for review. The client will review the design and rate it. Sometimes they’ll ask for edits, meaning that you could have to work on a previous design at any point. If your design is chosen as the winning design it’ll take two to three days to process the payment.