8 Virtual Assistants For Android

Personal assistants for your smartphone are just about the most useful thing that technology has offered. Whether it’s setting alarms on your phone with your voice or asking to skip a song while listening to music, virtual assistants simply make our lives easier during the day. Although the best-case scenario for all would be to have an assistant on demand to assist when needed, virtual assistants are as best as we can do for some. Many of us rely on Siri and our Alexa for simple tasks to take care of what we don’t have the spare time to devote to. It’s easy to quickly tell them what timers need to be set or music should be played without taking the time to do it ourselves. However, those that are Android users don’t have the ease of getting a smartphone that comes with a built-in assistant.

But that can’t stop you from getting one and before you spend money on hiring a personal assistant, you can take advantage of virtual assistants apps that you can download. These will give you a similar experience to those that you’ll find on other smartphones and most of them are free. If you’re not feeling up to doing the research, we’ve done it for you. In this article, we’ll cover all of the best virtual assistants for Android devices that you can download!

Google Assistant

Most Android devices come pre-installed with Google Assistant to make the device as accessible and easy to use as possible. Google Assistant covers all the necessities that you want in your virtual assistant such as answering questions, setting reminders, planning your day, and more. Similar to Siri (a feature that comes with Apple smartphones), you can merely say “Hey Google” to activate the personal assistant.


This voice assistant, created by Audioburst, is an Al-based virtual assistant. This assistant merely needs your voice to answer commands and do what’s asked or provide information. With Robin, you can do all that you’ll do with the assistants that come with smartphones, all from an app. Although perhaps not the most remarkable option on the market, Robin is certainly an option worth trying.


If you’re not as interested in the other special features and merely want a virtual assistant that will help you with answering calls, this is a great option. Vani uses voice commands for you to accept or decline phone calls. You’re also able to respond to messages and send them with simple voice commands. The best part is that you can customize all the messages to what you want so that it’s tailored to you.

Android Auto

This particular app connects with Google Assistant to give you the ultimate experience with your personal assistant. The combination of the two keeps you entertained and focused while you’re driving. The app uses large lettering and an easy interface that makes it easy for all users to incorporate. Through Android Auto, there are several apps that you can view and features that you can use.

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

This voice assistant isn’t merely useful, it will make you feel beyond cool with what it has to offer. The voice assistant is friendly and has a vast range of knowledge to answer just about any question that you ask. You can casually give voice commands and the voice assistant will be able to pick it up and answer. For those that are looking for a voice assistant with a personality, this is a great option.

Hound Personal Assistant

Hound’s personal assistant allows you to take command through your smartphone with spoken commands. The part about Hound Personal Assistant that stands out is that you don’t have to speak robotically. With Hound you can speak casually and the voice assistant will pick up on what you’re asking. Just ask what you normally would to a friend and Hound will be able to pick up on it.

Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

If you’re looking for more than just a personal assistant and one that will brighten your day, Friday is what you need. When you download this application you’ll be introduced to a one-of-a-kind, unique voice assistant with a very friendly personality. Merely say “Hey Friday” and ask a question and you’ll get a friendly response. Friday has a range of features and can help with anything that you need to have done.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant isn’t just helpful, they can be a friend when you need one. Not only can Lyra Virtual Assistant take commands, but it can also keep up a fairly simple conversation with you. The mobile application can take all basic commands and do as requested. There’s also an option for a built-in translator that comes in handy when you need it. The translator will translate the sentence or word that you request.