Is Clockify Worth The Time?

What Is Clockify?

Clockify is a project management solution, designed to help businesses of all sizes, digital agencies, NGOs and educational institutions track productivity and billable work hours across projects. Its great for keeping track of what you’re working on, attendance and PTO, and assigning logs to relevant projects and clients., as well as generating weekly, monthly & annual reports.

The app has one key focus: making sure your time is spent effectively. If you’re a freelancer, you can plan, organize, track and generate reports around how you spend your time. You can also easily share and show off what you’re doing to your clients.

How It Works

When you create a project, you specify the time duration for each task so your team can track their time spent on various activities throughout the day. Your employees enter their registration number, set up a list of activities they will be working on in Clockify and start tracking their hourly rate, invoice status, and time spent on various tasks. Managers are able to view ongoing activities in real-time and visualize the time breakdown for each project.

While there is plenty to recommend here, we’ve highlighted a few drawbacks that may end up costing you. However, all in all, this is one great tool for anyone looking to improve their day-to-day productivity.

Pros & Cons

The app comes with a few essential tools that make it super easy to use.

First, Clockify is a cloud-based solution, which means it can help agencies and freelancers by providing real-time visibility into the workflow, including current tasks status on each project, deadlines and progress reports. For businesses, this allows you to identify bottlenecks and align your workflows to maximize efficiency of team members and ensure that projects meet business goals.

And unlike most time tracking software, Clockify’s real-time and interactive reporting system actually works and updates your calendar immediately. This allows you to go back to any period of time in your calendar and check deadlines that may have slipped.

Furthermore, once you’ve set your ideal plan, you can use the app’s built-in calendars to track working hours and time spent on each task. You can also see your main task and its expected completion date, what you did previously on the project, as well as where you are in relation to the due date of your main task.

As a time tracking solution, Clockify comes with a number of premium features, which you can access by adding your Clients to the paid app.

An in-depth analysis of employee spending habits is an added bonus.

However, don’t expect Clockify to create accurate personal profiles; rather it tracks the time logged and associated responsibilities. As a result, it can be challenging to adjust user behaviors in real time.

Another downside is that the app isn’t really geared towards individuals as much as teams. Once you’ve set up a project, it is all about management. As a result, employees may spend hours managing projects and tracking time rather than actually working.

Clockify Pricing

Clockify is free to sign up and gives you the option to upgrade later if need be.

Additionally, Clockify offers a free trial period on each of its four upgraded plans. After that, the basic (Administration) plan costs $5/month or $48/year to continue using the product. The standard, pro and enterprise plans are tailored, respectively, for timesheet and billing needs, productivity and profit features, and control and security solutions and range from $7/month to $15/month or $66/year to $144/year.

Users pay a flat fee per user per month for unlimited access to a suite of features.

While this may sound expensive, when you look at the tools on offer it could be worth considering. For instance, each user will have access to email, projects, timesheets and other time tracking tools. You can manage your time from any device including mobile and tablets.

The free plan offers 5GB of storage, and does not support time tracking or reporting.

Overall, the app provides a feature-rich platform to manage projects and clients. It offers the added flexibility of incorporating custom fields, including hours worked per week, hours worked per month and expenses, allowing for a more individualized approach. This leads to an accurate billable figure.

It may be worth keeping the app around just to monitor daily tasks if you are a dedicated employee. For some, having complete visibility into your working life will provide a lot of useful insight.

(Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash)