Design Pickle: A Graphic Design Agency

Design Pickle is a graphic design agency for startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They are helping businesses find designers and illustrators to collaborate on their marketing storytelling. Design Pickle’s scalable solutions allow you to take care of your design needs in one place.

The agency helps you find the right professional for hire. Brands can search available designers based on industry, location, price range, and skill set. As a design-for-hire service, Design Pickle’s platform cuts down the time it takes to obtain style tips from your designer. Creatives can message their potential clientele directly within the site.

What They Offer

Signing up with Design Pickle lets you find qualified designers with some of the lowest rates around. Then, using their easy-to-use interface, you can browse portfolios and rates to find the right freelancer for your project.

Designers have their own online profile on Design Pickle and can communicate with clients via the site’s messaging function. This messaging service includes preview images, download links, project progress, and contact info.

So, how does Design Pickle accomplish such low pricing? They do it by letting design freelancers set their own rates. The designers can choose the size of projects, as well as their rates, and people can make all of the decisions without a middleman fee.

In short, this means that the designers are free to take on projects that are more interesting to them. Even if the freelancers are a bit choosy, they’ll probably have your best interest in mind.

For turn around time, clients can expect to receive custom-made designs within 24-48 hours (standard subscription). However, don’t be surprised if it takes Design Pickle longer to respond, depending on the project. Much depends on the clarity and detail of the client brief.


For a standard subscription, which includes unlimited requests and revisions, Adobe source files, and 1-2 day turnaround, the cost of the service is $499/monthly. A pro subscription at $995 monthly gives you the option of collaborating with a designer in realtime with same day turnaround.

You can see all of the rates on the site’s pricing page.

Pros & Cons

The more information a client provides, the more on point the design will (usually) be. At the same time, overly detailed requests can complicate the creative process. Which can translate to subpar designs or less incentive for designers to pick up your project. Moreover, the complexity of a brief can be difficult to gauge as the heuristics involved vary from project to project.

When working on a project, one of the main goals is to find a balance. Most designers will have their own personal process or preference for determining how detailed to make the requests in their briefs. There is no correct answer for every project and the specific nature of a brief may add (or detract) from the nuance of how it’s presented. One point that needs to be covered before we continue is that, generally speaking, you should be clear about what you would like a designer to do while holding the space and letting their creativity shine.

A detailed brief can open up a world of design possibilities. On the other hand, we know too well the time and effort that goes into coming up with artful design to spec. To be frank, the project brief should reflect this ROI. If the rates are negotiable but basically fixed, as with Design Pickle, and you are in the market for a high-end designer who is willing to collaborate with you in real time and open to exceeding your specs, consider turning to an agency or freelancer where the rates reflect this much.