Unlimited Video Editing Review: Pricing and Packages, How It Works, Pros and Cons

Unlimited Video Editing - "UNLIMITED Video Editing is your little secret to making better videos and making a lot of them."

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All About Unlimited Video

Unlimited Video Editing really is all about the name. They edit your videos for a flat monthly rate, which can be great when you truly have a lot of videos to edit and release throughout the month. They are an exclusive service, and only work with those they feel would be a good match for their services.

The Unlimited Video Creative Process:

The process is easy once the company determines you’re a good fit.

Step 1: After you submit your request for a subscription, you’ll go through an approval process. If they accept your request, you’ll be added to your plan of choice.
Step 2: Then, you will be invited to join the project dashboard and go through an orientation.
Step 3: Lastly, you can start submitting your request for editing, and the team will work through your queue.

Is Unlimited Video Right For You?

Unlimited Video focuses on making the process of having your videos edited less stressful. They only take on clients that they feel they’ll work well with, so you can be confident that if you start working with them, you’ll be a priority.

Resons To Love Unlimited Video Editing:

As an exclusive service, they understand what they can do and who can benefit the most while working well with their team and style.

If you’re not selected, they will return your video files and wish you the best of luck finding a different service.


The upside of a premier company is that you know they take their jobs seriously and only work with people who take video creation as seriously as they do.

How Soon You'll See Results:

The time is one to two days.

Unlimited Video Editing Pricing and Package Options:

Unlimited Video has three plans available. Pick yours:

● $799/month
● Unlimited Requests & Revisions
● Royalty-Free Media Library
● 1-2 Day Turnaround
● Available Monday-Friday
● Dedicated Video Editor
● Max Edited Video Length: 10 minutes

● $999/month
● Unlimited Requests & Revisions
● Royalty-Free Media Library
● 1-2 Day Turnaround
● Available Monday-Friday
● Dedicated Video Editor
● Max Edited Video Length: 20 minutes

You can also add two additional services:
● Unlimited Thumbnails for $90/month
● Subtitles for $60/month- 60 minutes a month of subtitles & video transcriptions

Benefits Of Using Unlimited Video

● Can edit 4k videos
● Unlimited requests and revisions
● Free Media Library
● Exclusive clientele
● Quick turnaround time

Why Unlimited Video May Not Work For You

● Videos not accessible 24/7
● Only edit 4K in the Premium package
● May choose not to take you on as a client
● Cannot work on videos longer than 30 mins, which is common
● Will not work on animated or wedding videos ● Can’t record voiceovers

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