Edit Video Review: Pricing and Packages, How It Works, Pros and Cons

Edit Video - "A Subscription-based Video Editing Service for Content Creators."

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All About Edit Video

Edit Video is a subscription-based video editing service that focuses on helping you with creating videos to post and showcase across platforms. They can use your raw footage to cut and edit a final draft that wows your audience and get it back to you quickly. They pride themselves on being quick, easy, and efficient.

The Edit Video Creative Process:

Edit Video works in a three-step process. Once you’ve signed up for a plan and created an account, you can do the following to start your first video project.

Step 1: Upload all your video files and assets for the team to use during editing.
Step 2: The editors begin work and return your first draft to you in roughly 48 hours.
Step 3: You review the draft and request any revisions necessary. If you’re ready to go, you approve the work and receive your final files.

Is Edit Video Right For You?

All they do is edit video. They’ve made it a point to dedicate all their time and service to doing just that. They can provide a dedicated team of video editors to work on your content regularly when you don’t have the time. Because it’s the company’s number one priority, you can rest assured that they’ve hired people passionate about that craft.

Reasons To Love Edit Video:

As many people are aware, video files are pretty big.

With this in mind, Edit Video offers clients plenty of space for raw footage file uploads for free, and you can add more if you to.


With their industry-leading video proofing tools, you can check out video details more thoroughly, including frame-by-frame looks into the footage.

How Soon You'll See Results:

Edit Video promises the first drafts of your video within 48 hours. At that point, you’ll get a file to review and provide any revisions necessary. Some simple projects may be able to come back in as little as 24 hours.

Edit Video Pricing And Package Options:

Edit Video offers three subscription plans tailored to your needs:

Weekly Plan
● 4 videos/month
● $295/Monthly
● Dedicated video editor
● 48 hours turnaround time
● Unlimited revisions
● Free subtitles
● 4 social media boosters
● 150GB Cloud Storage

Ultimate Plan
● 10 videos/month
● $495/Monthly
● Dedicated video editor
● 48 hours turnaround time
● Unlimited revisions
● Free subtitles
● 10 social media boosters
● 400GB Cloud Storage

Ultimate + Plan
● 22 videos/month
● $995/Monthly
● 2 Dedicated video editors
● 48 hours turnaround time
● Unlimited revisions
● Free subtitles
● 22 social media boosters
● 800GB Cloud Storage

With each plan, you’ll get:
● 14-Day money-back guarantee
● Cancel anytime
● Video Proofing
● World-class support
● All project files included
● Free Subtitles and Captions
● Instagram Story Content
● Complete Project Management
● 1:1 Gary Vee Style Video
● Unlimited Revisions Per Video
● Free Trial

Benefits Of Using Edit Video

● Industry-standard monthly prices
● Quick turnaround
● 14-day money-back guarantee
● Social media boosters, growing for each plan
● Dedicated video editor

Why Edit Video May Not Work For You

● Not truly unlimited, as there’s a fixed number of videos per month per plan, which can be an issue if you have more videos than their monthly amount can handle
● Unclear if they can use stock videos to create a video for you

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