Devlevate Review: Pricing and Packages, How It Works, Pros and Cons

Devlevate - “We are Devlevate. We are here to elevate your brand.”

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All About Devlevate

Devlevate is an unlimited web development company that focuses on providing advanced web design and development services to allow brands to get back to operations while they handle building the site. They can provide Shopify, WordPress, and custom web development services, including skills in WooCommerce, HTML/CSS, Elementor, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and more.

The Devlevate Creative Process:

Working with Devlevate is simple and straightforward.

Match with your developer- When you sign up for their service, you’ll first fill out the information about your company and select the developer schedule you want. Then, they’ll match you with a dedicated developer within one business day.
Submit your request- Anytime while logged into the client portal or through email, you can request unlimited projects. You’ll describe your development request and upload your relevant files or select from their library.
They go to work- With typically less than one business day turnarounds for simple tasks, and daily updates for more complex development projects, you’ll be able to watch the progress in the portal and chat with your developer via Slack, email, and their portal App.
Review & Approve- Your developer will send the completed development for you to review. You’ll get constant updates during your development and can request unlimited revisions. When you approve of the project, it’ll be packaged up and made ready for you.

Is Devlevate Right For You?

If you have a consistent need for web development projects but already have the assets and content to fill it up, Devlevate could be a great option for your brand. They do offer white-label development services as well, so if you need help with your current backlog of client development projects, they can help with that as well. They can also provide a custom quote for a one-time project that’s more complex and requires more work than their two packages cover.

Reasons To Love Devlevate:

Devlevate provides very affordable services when you need regular assistance with building your website or several others.

This price point can be especially attractive to those starting out or rebranding their sites.


You can also choose which schedule you want your developers to work in for you, which can be helpful when you’re across the world from them. Between the three options, there is likely to be a good option for you, as long as you have the graphics and content to populate your site.

How Soon You'll See Results:

Most development projects on Devlevate can be completed in less than 24 hours. This is for simple project requests. For more complex projects, you’ll receive a time quote. You’ll get two hours of daily work time and can add more subscriptions to increase that amount of time. So if you have a simple project that takes just an hour, you could see two of those come back in the same day. However, if a project takes longer than two hours, it will be stretched across the work week.

Devlevate Pricing And Package Options:

There are three options available to you at Devlevate. They’re listed below.

Senior web developer
● $349/Monthly
● Unlimited requests and revisions
● Choose your schedule 9 AM - 6 PM/9 PM - 6 PM Pacific Time (M-F)
● Dedicated developer
● 2 hours of daily development allotment
● 24/7 client support
● Unlimited team users
● Slack integration
● Full stack developer
● $449/Monthly
● Shopify Development
● Unlimited requests and revisions
● Choose your schedule 9 AM - 6 PM/9 PM - 6 PM Pacific Time (M-F)
● Dedicated developer
● 2 hours of daily development allotment
● 24/7 client support
● Unlimited team users
● Slack Integration
● Frontend development
● Backend development

Project-Based One-Time Payment
● Great for complicated websites
● Great for rapid development
● Unlimited requests and revisions
● Choose your schedule 9 AM - 6 PM/9 PM - 6 PM Pacific Time (M-F)
● Dedicated developer team
● Design mockups
● 24/7 client support
● Slack integration
● Frontend development
● Backend development

You can also choose to get SEO work done for your site. It’s a one-time fee for up to 15 separate pages on a website. It includes the following:
● $449 one-time fee
● Submit site to Google, RSS feed to Google, & site to Entireweb
● Auto-Ping Search Engines to crawl your site
● Keyword Research & Data Analytics
● Competitive Gap Analysis
● Enhanced Page Title, Meta descriptions, & Headline Tags
● Custom Alt-image Tags
● Geographic Targeting
● Content Optimization
● Schema.Org Markup
● Images Optimization
● NAP Syndication
● Social Signals & Bookmarking
● URL Analysis & Optimization
● Fix Errors in Google Search Console
● Configure Search Settings Analytics & Search Console
● Install & Configure Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
● Web Speed Optimization
● 2 Blogs Every Month

Benefits Of Using Devlevate

● Affordable services
● Two developer schedules
● Designated developer that you can change
● Unlimited project and revisions
● Files and code stored on Devlevate (unlimited storage)
● 7-day money-back guarantee

Why Devlevate May Not Work For You

● Maximum two hours daily work on a single plan
● Shopify, frontend, and backend development are on the higher tier
● SEO is extra
● Developers are all located in the Philippines, so there may be a language barrier

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