Gannet Review: Pricing and Packages, How It Works, Pros and Cons

Gannet - "Unlimited Copywriting for Unlimited Success."

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All About Gannet

Gannet promises their clients high-quality content in 24 hours or less on their unlimited copywriting plans. The subscriptions come at a flat rate, which you can cancel at any time. Gannet says its mission is to eliminate the hunt for qualified freelancers and provide access to competent writers who can reliably create the consistent content your company needs in a timely manner.

The Gannet Creative Process:

Getting started with Gannet is simple. According to their website, you just follow the steps below.
● Step 1: Choose a plan and sign up online. The quick process allows you to select the right plan for your needs. However, as of now, the upper-tier package isn’t available.
● Step 2: From there, you’ll create your account and get access to your Slack channel for communication with your Gannet team of writers.
● Step 3: Then, just submit a project request. When the writer finishes it, they’ll send you the first draft.
● Step 4: From the dashboard, request your projects, ask for revisions, and approve all the work your writers send you.

Gannet offers copywriting services for the following types of projects:
● Worksheets
● Sales Letters
● Social Media Posts & Ads
● Email Campaigns
● Google Ads
● PowerPoint Presentations

Is Gannet Right For You?

If you have the budget to pay for quality content delivered to you fast on a regular basis, Gannet may be a good option for you. You will have a dedicated writer and an account manager there to guide you. However, the plans, even the lower tier, can be much costlier than other copywriting services on the market. Their primary advantage is that they can get your content back to you particularly fast, potentially in less than 24 hours.

Reasons To Love Gannet:

At Gannet, you can get nearly any type of copy you can think of. And they do promise very high-quality results, and the speed is impressive. Additionally, at Gannet, you can count on paying the advertised price.


There aren’t hidden fees or contract commitments. You will also get a 14-day money-back guarantee. The writers have professional backgrounds and are based in the US.

Gannet Pricing And Package Options:

Gannet has two subscription packages you can choose from based on the volume of daily output you need. Both plans offer unlimited projects, revisions, and brands as well as a Slack channel, dedicated writer, account manager, and real-time task statuses. You’ll see the plans as follows:

● $1,195/month for 2 hours of work per day
● $1,995/month for 4 hours of work per day (this plan is presently sold out)

How Soon You'll See Results:

For the average of 500-1000 words in two to four hours, you’ll get a project back in 24 hours or less. However, you should note that the four-day workday plan isn’t available, so you can expect to receive a 500-word piece back to you within 24 hours on the available plan. Longer than that, and it’ll be over the 24 hours.

Benefits Of Using Gannet

● Impressive customer support available after hours
● 14-day free trial (also referred to as their money-back guarantee)
● Unlimited tasks and get unlimited revisions
● US-Based Team

Why Gannet May Not Work For You

● The higher tier isn’t available
● It’s significantly more expensive than its competitors

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