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How To Set Boundaries When Doing Hybrid Work

More people than ever are going back to work. If you’re one such employee, you’re probably wondering how to avoid fatigue and help yourself focus throughout the day, both when you’re working from home or from the office. There are many techniques you can use, such as giving yourself breaks and scheduling your days around your most high-focused hours. For more tips on working in a hybrid environment, read ahead.

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Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Home Business

Small and large businesses alike thrive on marketing plans which are well thought out and specific. If you own a small business or manage one from home, you need to craft a business plan with a multitude of details and specific goals. Crafting these marketing plans helps small businesses keep track of what they need and where they’re already exceling. Included in your plan should be an identification of your company, your customers, and your mission statement, just as a start. Here’s a step by step guide to crafting a smart and actionable business plan.

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10 Great Free Resources For PowerPoint And Google Slides Templates

There are dozens of sites which offer free templates for both PowerPoint and Google Slides, but it can be difficult to know which ones are worth checking out and which ones you can skip. The best of these sites will be easily navigated and allow you to sort through your preferences, by both themes and colors. Read ahead to find the ten best free template sites available on the internet right now.

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