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Who’s Flocksy?

Flocksy is a creative design service offering unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, web design, custom illustrations, and much more. Users pay one flat monthly rate to run unlimited projects in any category.

7 Things I Seriously Love About Flocksy

1. Fixed Price With No Hidden Costs

Flocksy offers truly unlimited creative services for one fixed monthly rate. Request as many projects as you want, mix and match categories, and get all the creative assets you need for the same flat rate. There are no hidden fees or add-on costs so there are never any unexpected surprises.

2. Centralized Dashboard

A central dashboard lets you manage all of your projects from one location. You can request a new project, communicate with the creatives working on your active projects, and see what you have coming up next in your queue. You can also access all of your completed projects from your dashboard, which comes in handy if you misplace a file, or want to run a similar project again. Timers are attached to each active project, letting you see at a glance how much time is remaining before delivery.

3. Quick Turn-Around Times

Flocksy has some of the quickest turnaround times in the business and the entire team takes deadlines seriously. The team members are able to complete most projects well before the deadline. When complications prevent a project from being completed on time, the creative and the project manager make sure that you are updated and know when it will be completed.

4. Multiple Communication Channels

The communication is reliable and responsive. Flocksy provides several channels of communication, and you don’t have to plead your case to a chatbot first. You are able to send and respond to messages regarding your active project right from the project thread, or you can use the instant message feature to reach them faster. If you have a question or concern you can click to enter a private direct message to your project manager. Someone will usually respond within 30 min or less. You are never left in limbo wondering what is happening and unable to reach anyone. Of course, they offer all of the old-school methods of communication as well. You have the option to call, or email, and there is a chatbot available if you enjoy that sort of thing. Honestly, you will likely never need more than the project message feature.

5. Ability To Create Your Team

Most unlimited-design subscription services assign the most appropriate creative or the person who is available to each project request in the queue in order to keep the workflow moving. Flocksy does the opposite, they actually encourage you to select which creative you would prefer to work on a project, and who you do not want to work with. They will always do their best to make sure your request is honored. This makes Flocksy’s unlimited service more like a bespoke service you would pay a professional design agency much more for. You get to work with artists who know exactly what you want and are able to produce a consistent stream of design assets with little back and forth.

6. Detailed Project Briefs

Finding the right words to describe the creative vision in your mind is much harder than you imagine. Even the simplest of design concepts or writing topics suddenly seems ridiculously complicated when you have to write your idea in words to be interpreted by the designer who opens your message. Flocksy has tried to alleviate as much of this project request angst by creating interactive project briefs custom-made to elicit the most important information for EVERY unique project type. Every prompt explains what detail is needed and why. There are also spaces to upload examples, and resources like your branding guide.

7. Dedicated Project Manager

Flocksy’s project managers definitely elevate the level of personal service you receive on the platform far beyond that offered by other unlimited design subscription services. You are assigned a dedicated project manager the moment you subscribe. You will meet them shortly after when they contact you to schedule a virtual onboarding session where they will personally walk you through all of the features and tools and make sure you feel confident before turning you loose on the platform. Later on, when you have a rush project request, or you need work that is not on the menu, your project manager always manages to make it happen.

What Is Flocksy?

Flocksy is a subscription creative design service offering unlimited creative services including graphic design, logos, video editing, voiceovers, copywriting, website design, and much more for one fixed monthly cost.

Subscription creative services like Flocksy are the mid-range custom design option between the low-budget DIY or amateur artist and the pricey design agency or in-house design team.

Customers pay one flat monthly subscription rate which grants them the ability to request an unlimited number of creative projects from any design category. The listing of available project types that can be completed with an unlimited subscription can be dizzying. The subscription services are more than ample to create all your marketing and social design assets. A couple of platforms will even help you design your business website and create all the high-quality content you need to draw traffic to your site as well.

The video editing team can help you stay on trend by creating TikToks, and Reels for Instagram and Facebook promotions.

This is just a small sampling of the most common creative requests. list of options is so long that it would likely be easier to just list the few services that may not be doable. For example, most flat-rate agencies restrict users from requesting lengthy, complex projects that would require a significant amount of time and labor to complete. These long projects could throw off the efficient workflow that is essential to platforms being able to deliver on their promises of quick turnaround times.

That being said, once you have established a working relationship with the team you choose, it is possible that they may work with you to complete larger projects as well. Flocksy has developed a reputation for going above and beyond to help their users get crucial projects completed even when they were outside of the typical project guidelines.

What Flocksy Claims to Offer Its Users

Flocksy offers nearly every type of creative design service you can imagine and allows users to request as many projects as they want for one fixed monthly subscription cost.

Flocksy also promises their subscribers that the dedicated and talented artists responsible for completing the projects are more than capable of handling any design challenge that you send their way.

Flocksy Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

The ultimate value of the Flocksy flat-rate subscription service will depend on how you use it (or don’t). If you are launching a business, starting an e-commerce site, promoting your band, planning a big event, or tackling any other venture that requires a large volume of creative assets, then you will have no trouble justifying the cost of the subscription as the assets you receive will be worth far more. The same goes for anyone who has a steady stream of regular creative projects that occur again and again, such as content for a blog, or fresh social media content.

If you can keep your project queue full of projects you should be getting a finished design asset every 2 – 3 days making the monthly flat rate a massive bargain. On the flip side, if you only need a couple of one-off projects, then the monthly subscription cost would not make sense.

The Benefits of Using Flocksy

Flocksy’s willingness to go far beyond the extra mile to deliver for its customers sets them apart from most other unlimited design services. The personalized attention and effort that the team brings to their work can make users feel as if they are getting the same bespoke (and expensive) care that a private design agency or an in-house design department might offer.

While this one factor is probably the most valuable benefit, every Flocksy subscription provides these awesome perks as well.

Your Own Team

As you get to know Flocksy’s creatives you can begin to form your own personal dream team. If you like a particular creative’s artistic style, or they just seem to “get” your brand or concept, you can add that person to your team. Your future projects will always be assigned to one of your team members if one is available. Your team will get to know your creative needs well, resulting in a faster, smoother, and more consistent process.

Dedicated Project Manager

Every Flocksy account is assigned a dedicated Project Manager the moment you sign up, and Flocksy Project Managers are friendly (and knowledgeable) humans, not chatbots. Your Project Manager will reach out in the first day or so to schedule an optional virtual demo so they can show you around and get you started on your first project. They will always be available to answer questions, offer advice on tricky project requests, and help resolve any issues.

Unlimited Projects

Flocksy’s unlimited design services are truly unlimited. Request as many projects as you want. There are no limits. Your projects will be placed in an automated queue in the order that they were created, and as one project is completed, the next in line will automatically be started. Keep your queue full of projects and Flocksy will automatically keep the workflow churning. All you have to do is approve your completed work, so your next project can launch.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions are included for every single project. Flocksy believes that paying for professional design services means that you should get professional quality results. You are encouraged to review each completed project carefully and note any details that aren’t quite right. You can simply open up a revision and send a message explaining what you would like to change. Your creative will work with you to create the design you envision.

Resource Guides

Flocksy does a great job of anticipating everything a customer might need. The Flocksy Resource Center is full of in-depth articles on everything from tips on the best way to use Flocksy features to get the most bang for your buck. You will also find educational articles to help you learn more about a variety of design topics from creating brand guides to creating TikTok videos.

Flocksy Drawbacks

Flocksy has taken care to create an awesome unlimited design service, there is not much to dislike. Still, nothing is perfect. These are a few aspects of Flocksy that may be an issue for some users:

● Learning Curve
The Flocksy platform is well-designed and the account dashboard puts everything you need in one convenient location. Despite this, there is still a learning curve to learning to navigate the process. To their credit, Flocksy does assign a Project Manager and have them contact you to schedule a virtual live demo so they can walk you through the basics.

● Cost-Effectiveness
Flocksy’s unlimited design for one flat rate is an awesome deal as long as you have a steady stream of creative projects in your queue. If you only need a couple of one-off designs, every couple of weeks then the flat-rate pricing will not be such a bargain.

Who Is Flocksy Best For?

Because you will pay the same fixed cost every month regardless of how many projects you complete, Flocksy is best for users who have a steady flow of creative work to get done on a regular basis.

Users with a large volume of relatively simple creative tasks, like social posts, banners, light video edits, and other types of projects that can be completed quickly will get the best value from Flocksy. The more work that you can get completed during the month the more of a bargain the flat rate price will be. Users with a queue full of projects that can be completed quickly will be able to get a substantial amount of work completed in a month.

Who Is Flocksy NOT Right For?

Flocksy’s monthly rate assumes that you will be running design projects constantly. If your design needs fluctuate throughout the month, or if you only need a relatively small number of designs for a particular event or project then the flat rate wouldn’t be a good value.

Is Flocksy User-Friendly?

Flocksy’s platform is very user-friendly. The account dashboard puts everything you need to manage your Flocksy workflow all in one place and everything is clearly labeled.

The interactive project briefs customized for each category make it easier to create a cohesive design request that will deliver the exact results you are looking for. The briefs use drop-down menu fields to prompt you for the information that will be the most useful for the designer in your specific category.

What Is The Flocksy Process?

The Flocksy process is fairly straightforward. New users can get started by selecting the flat-rate subscription that fits their design needs and completing the registration process. Your account will be active and you can start exploring the platform as soon as your registration is completed.

Here is a brief overview of the process for running a design project with Flocksy:
1. After logging in you should be in your account dashboard. This is the central hub of your account where you will see the status of your projects, and messages from your team, or Project Manager.

2. Click on the Create New Project button in the sidebar on the left of the dashboard to open the project request brief.

3. The interactive project brief will display prompts one at a time requesting information about the type of project you need. Simply choose the selection that best matches your design needs from the options provided.

4. The system will use the information you provided in the prompts to open a project request brief customized for your design category.

5. You will need to fill in the appropriate detail for each field in the brief. The field and information needed will vary by design category, but as a general rule, you will need a title, and a detailed description explaining the work to be done. You will be prompted to add any resource files the designer may need, as well as any examples that help the creative understand your vision.

6. Once all of the information has been provided, click

How Long Does A Project On Flocksy Take?

The majority of design projects can be completed in one day, often in less than 12 hours. Larger, more complex projects could take a bit longer. Your Project Manager will reach out to you if it looks like a particular project is going to take longer than the industry standard of 24 - 48 hours.

How Much Does Flocksy Cost?

Flocksy’s pricing structure is simple. No complex calculations or negotiations to compile your service. Flocksy flat-rate subscriptions are available at three price points. All packages include unlimited access to all of the services in that category.

Flocksy Silver Plan:

$499 Monthly
  • Unlimited Graphic Design Services
  • Unlimited Custom Illustration Services
  • Automated Project Queue With 1 Active Slot + Unlimited Pending Slots
  • Ability To Select Creatives To Form Your Own Designated Team
  • All Creatives Are Available During Standard Us Daylight Hours
  • ~24 - 48 Hour Turnaround Times (Most Completed In Less Than 12 Hours)
  • Integration With Zapier, Slack, Trello, Email, And More
  • Dedicated Project Manager Available Via Phone, Email, And Chat

Flocksy Gold Plan:

$995 Monthly
  • Includes Everything In The Silver Plan Plus
  • 2 Active Project Slots In The Queue For Double The Production
  • Priority Fulfilment For Quicker Turnaround Times
  • Video & Audio Tools To Help You Communicate Revisions Clearly
  • Unlimited Copywriting
  • Unlimited Video Editing
  • Unlimited Motion Graphics
  • Unlimited Logos And Branding Guides
  • Unlimited Voice Over And Audio

Flocksy Platinum Plan

$1,495 Monthly
  • Includes Everything In The Silver Plan Plus
  • Total Of 3 Active Project Slots In The Queue For Triple The Production
  • Psd To Drag And Drop Builders
  • Psd To Html
  • Canva File Delivery
  • Figma File Delivery

Flocksy Alternatives

A monthly subscription offering unlimited graphic design services for a flat rate. Design Pickle leverages their interactive project management system to connect users with a global network of artists for speedy service.

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A flat rate subscription creative design platform that allows users to create the unlimited design services package that works best for them. Kimp users can choose from unlimited graphic design services or unlimited video editing services, or they can opt for the more expensive subscription to get access to both.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the answers to some of the questions people search for most often when considering using Flocksy services.

Flocksy’s monthly subscription plans are a bit more expensive than its closest competitors. However, Flocksy users gain access to a much broader range of services, including web development, copywriting, voiceovers, and more while most unlimited design services limit their users to graphic design projects only.

Keeping work flowing and maintaining quick turnaround times for the massive number of users active on Flocksy requires a well-orchestrated system that unfortunately leaves little room for last-minute changes. While they won’t promise expedited results, your project manager may be able to help you figure out how to get the work you need as quickly as possible.

There is no contract and no commitment needed. All Flocksy subscription plans are charged monthly and you are free to cancel at any time.

Absolutely! When you are satisfied with your final design, simply click to finalize the project and you will immediately receive all of the various source files that you will need to use your design asset. All Flocksy designs are 100% original designs, and you hold full rights to the completed work.

Flocksy Review: Our Final Thoughts

Unlimited flat-rate creative service platforms are, hands-down, the best option for business owners, startup founders, influencers, and anyone else who has a need for a significant amount of creative design work. There are several strong contenders offering unlimited design services for a fixed monthly fee and all seem to have fairly solid reputations for delivering on what they promise.

Flocksy has been sitting firmly at the top of this cohort as one of the most popular, and best-known providers, and their user roster continues to climb year over year. What makes this status all the more impressive is the fact that Flocksy is also one of the more expensive platforms and still manages to claim the lion’s share of those who are looking for this type of service. After all, if the other platforms seem to do acceptable work, why would people pay more?

The answer makes sense once you compare the various platforms side by side. Most of the unlimited creative services are offering unlimited design services exclusively, or offering graphic design with some basic video editing. Flocksy’s unlimited design services include both popular categories as well and throw in copywriting, web development, website design, voiceovers, and so much more. When you consider the amount of work that you could get done all in one place and all for one flat monthly rate it is clear why Flocksy is the ideal choice to help you get the design assets you need.