Do It Yourself

Want to know how you can tackle business projects all on your own? Well, then you’re in luck because we have tutorials and other resources just for you! By doing it yourself with any project you can save money, time and make sure that it’s done correctly the first time around. DIY is often daunting to the amateur, but once you get started we’ll will walk you through it from start to finish. In this section, you’ll find helpful articles that will give you tutorials or instructions on all things business-related and tips for DIY. Feel confident to tackle your next business project yourself after exploring the library of articles below at your fingertips!

Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Home Business

Small and large businesses alike thrive on marketing plans which are well thought out and specific. If you own a small business or manage one from home, you need to craft a business plan with a multitude of details and specific goals. Crafting these marketing plans helps small businesses keep track of what they need and where they’re already exceling. Included in your plan should be an identification of your company, your customers, and your mission statement, just as a start. Here’s a step by step guide to crafting a smart and actionable business plan.

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7 Ideas for Your Small Business On How to Market Effectively

Is there anyone who doesn’t believe marketing is a vital part of running a business? The answer to that is certainly ‘no’, but every business isn’t clear about how to market effectively. There are seven great ideas that help you create a good market plan. If you follow them, you’ll increase profitability, have better sales and bring more people to your business.

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How To Access Google Drive Files Offline

To immortalize a file in Google Drive, all you need is an internet connection and the Google account password that you’re hopefully changing occasionally. But what about getting something out, or even making changes to what you’ve put in there? Making files available offline makes it even easier to access them.

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